10 Must Have Garden Tools

#1. Sharp Pruners

A good sharp pair of pruners goes a long way in making your trimming jobs easier. Whether you need to sharpen your old pair, or purchase a new one, make sure these are a part of your tool kit.

#2. Comfortable Gloves

Don't you hate working in the garden and getting blisters? You probably didn't have the right pair of gloves. Try on a few pairs and find some that fit you well. You may want a few different pairs. Sometimes you need a light duty pair for planting or digging and other times you want some heavy duty leather ones for trimming roses and thorny plants. Our go-to glove here at Fasel and Sons is any brand of nitrile dipped glove. They provide great dexterity and breathability while protection your hands really well.

#3. Hedge Shears

A good pair of hedge shears is the best way to trim all of your shrubs. Electric hedge shears often times don't give you the cleanest of cuts, which especially on evergreens, leaves brown edges and can invite in certain diseases.

#4. Digging Shovel

A good long-handled digging shovel makes planting any trees or shrubs much easier. You get great leverage with the long handle which makes things a breeze. Remember to keep the blade sharp so it cuts through dirt and roots like a hot knife through butter.

#5. Hand Trowel

A hand trowel makes all the little jobs easier. It's great for planting annuals, bulbs, and small perennials. It's also great for planting annuals in containers as it can be used as a scoop to fill in soil around plants.

#6. Knee Pads or a Garden Kneeler

This one is self explanatory. Nobody likes waking up in the morning with sore knees. Garden kneelers can have handles on them or are sometimes just a simple foam pad to kneel on. The ones with handles make getting up and down a breeze.

#7. Fertilizer Spreader

A good, properly calibrated fertilizer spreader is key for maintaining a healthy lawn. Whether you prefer to use a drop or broadcast spreader, know the proper way to use and calibrate it.

#8. Water Breaker (with or without a wand)

Water breakers make watering plants easier. They provide higher flow than one of those typical multi-pattern watering “guns”. They also provide a gentle watering, so you're less likely to damage your plants' foliage. Some of them even come paired with a watering wand and shutoff valve which extends your reach and gives you easy control to turn the water on and off.

#9. Rake

Eventually, everyone needs to clean up. Whether you have trees in your yard or not, you'll end up with leaves in it at the end of the year (darn neighbors!). Get yourself a good rake to make this job easier. Some are even adjustable for different jobs.

#10. Favorite Weather App

Nobody likes to work in a muddy garden, not to mention it's bad for your soil to walk on it a lot when it's wet. Use your favorite weather app to check out when it's going to rain so you know when to work!

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