Fall is For Planting

Fall is simply one of the best times of year to plant. The age-old myth that spring is the only time of year to plant and fall is too late refuses to die. Fall isn't just a good time of year for flannels, campfires, and pumpkin spice lattes; it's a great time of year to re-do or refresh your landscaping!

Why plant in the Fall?

  • Cooler air temperatures means much less stress on the plant and more energy for root establishment. Don't forget: You probably like the cooler temperatures for planting too!

  • Ground temperatures cool much slower than air temperatures in the Fall allowing for a longer season of root establishment. Roots will continue to grow as long as soil temperatures stay above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Ground temperatures take a long time to warm in the spring meaning root growth and establishment takes far longer in spring than Fall.

  • Natural moisture is more available in fall for plants allowing easier establishment in the landscape and less need for gardeners to apply water in most Fall seasons.

  • Fall planting and establishment in the landscape allows plants to grow with far less stress the following spring.

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