How To: Hide Your Neighbors

Everyone has that one neighbor. He has a junk yard or a jungle behind his house. He talks to you about his cat for two hours every time he sees you. He's a creep and sits on his back deck and watches you swim in your pool. Maybe he's just a jerk who yells a lot. Whatever reason you have for not liking him.....


What if you don't want to or can't afford to put up one of these ugly privacy fences?

Plant a privacy hedge!

Great Privacy Hedges


Golden Vicary Privet

Autumn Jazz Viburnum

Hydrangeas (Panicle Types)

These are all great options if you have enough space in your yard to accommodate them. But what if you're crammed for space or just don't like any of the traditional options?


Honeysuckle, Boston Ivy, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Regular Clematis, Grape Vines, Wisteria, Kiwi Vine, and Trumpet Vine.

The first way to do it is to use (and hide) any existing fences. If you have a chain link fence, that's great! Vines love climbing up them. Even if they aren't tall enough to give privacy, extensions can be added to the top of the fence to increase their height. 6 feet is usually considered the minimum necessary to provide privacy. The vines will eventually hide the whole fence, including the extensions.

The second way is to install trellises on the property line for the vines to grow on.

Now go enjoy your Private, Peaceful backyard!

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