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free landscape design


We know that re-doing your landscaping can be intimidating. What grows in sun or shade? How tall does everything get? What looks good with what? The questions just keep going on... That's why we offer free professional landscape design! Our landscape professionals have decades of experience in creating residential landscapes! 


You’ll have a beautiful, professionally designed new landscape in a matter of days. What are you waiting for? Fill out a design guide, and make an appointment today!

Design Process

  • Prep all areas to be planted. This includes the removal of any existing plants, stone, etc. 

  • Take photos and measurements rounded to the nearest foot of the areas to be landscaped. 

  • Take photos of landscaping that you like, whether they are your neighbors or pictures online. This gives us an idea of the style that you like. 

  • Schedule a meeting with our designers when you are ready to install the landscaping. 

  • Your designer will then customize your own personal landscape plan to fit your needs. 

  • Head home with your custom design and plants, and have fun planting!

  • Sit back and enjoy your beautiful new landscape! *A cold beverage of your choice is optional*

What to bring to your design consultation:

A day you plan to install the landsaping.

Because we offer this as a free service, and our stock changes fairly quickly, we do landscape designs on the day that you plan to install the landscaping.


Filled out copy of our Design Guide.

  • Be sure to write down measurements and a rough outline of the beds here. An example of measurements needed can be found on the design guide.

  • Please also include plants you like/dislike and any ideas or inspiration you have. Designing a landscape is like painting a picture. There's a lot of ways to do it! We want to do it the way you like!


  • Take pictures of your landscape beds from a couple of different angles. No need to get too close - wide angle pictures are most helpful.

  • Bring some pictures of landscapes that you like as well, perhaps a neighbors or even some ideas from online!

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