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trees & Shrubs

Our tree and shrub departments are full of selections specially chosen for our climate. We have everything from shade loving, water tolerant plants to shrubs that love the heat and bloom in full sun. Our professionally trained sales associates can find the perfect plant for any spot in your yard. Just ask and we can make the choices simple!

We also offer free professional landscape design. Simply bring in pictures and measurements of the area, and one of our designers will be happy to create the yard of your dreams. See our services page for more details and to download a design guide.

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Angie F.

Nate took great care and time drawing a landscaping plan based on my photos, written plan and measurements.  I really feel like a pro!

Betsy T.

One of the best place to buy plants and flowers for gardening. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with tips and gardening advice.

William H.

I recommend this place to anyone who cares about employees who care for the customer to be served the right way.

Brian G.

Amazingly helpful staff. We brought them photos of the front of our home and they helped design our landscaping.

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